The Quest for a Green Kitchen Continues…

Considering that I speak sustainability for a living and call myself Lean Green MP, I really don’t blog enough about going green in the environmental sense.

Tonight, I’m going to a compost class, and I’m pretty excited. I started composting when I started eating better, but I’m still quite the beginner. I’ll be sure to share any great tips I get.

Until then, enjoy this great article I came across over the weekend: 10 Food Rules to Live By. It sounds like it’s about the right foods to eat, and to some extent, it is; it’s also a list of ways to make your kitchen more sustainable, which I really need to do. (But, I do have a green kitchen. Literally, it’s painted green!)

  • One thing I already do is to “eat meatless on Mondays.” Well, not always on Mondays, but I do try to go meatless one day a week.
  • The thing that most surprised me? The energy-efficiency of a slow cooker. I have one, and I use it from time to time, but mostly for convenience. It never occurred to me that it’s also energy efficient.
  • The thing I could most work on, at least from this list? That’s easy — loving lentils. I’ve tried them a few times, but  haven’t really acquired a taste for them. (Got any good lentil recipes to share?)

How about you? Looking at this list, what do you already do? Anything surprise you? What could you most work on?


Give Recycling a Leg Up!

What do you do with your old panty hose? Use them to tie up tomato plants? Stuff pillows? Make a Halloween mask? Thanks to No Nonsense, you can now add “Recycle into park benches” to that list!

That’s right! No Nonsense recently announced the first pantyhose recycling program – a step toward a greener planet and one that most women can easily take.

Click here for details on this exciting new recycling program. The great news is that they take all brands and types, even tights!

I’m excited about this program for a couple of reasons:

  1.  It’s another way I can keep something out of the landfill. These days, hose run so easily – it’s not uncommon for me to go through several pair a week.
  2. I’m in yet another size smaller panty hose, and I have a lot of large sized ones taking up needed extra space at the house. Now I have a guilt-free way to get rid of them!

Be sure to let your friends know about this program, too! Perhaps you can even collect and ship them together!

Meat and Heat: When My Worlds Collide

What does food have to do with climate? Plenty!

Check out this well-written piece from Center for Science in the Public Interest Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D.

It’s a perfect union of my work as a sustainability facilitator with my newly-acquired healthy lifestyle – promotion of a plant-based diet specifically.

Interesting stuff for your consideration.

A Rind is a Terrible Thing to Waste…

…especially in the office!

Today is the debut of my new office  composting bucket. The office neat nicks and cleaning staff were freaking out over the Ziploc bag method, so I broke down and purchased a respectable one.

Soon, I will be painting a really cool on at Mad Platter, then this one will retire to the counter at home, where I’m now just using an old oatmeal container.

I love how my healthier eating habits are contributing to improving the environment. Before, I would’ve never needed one compost pail, let alone two. And I can’t wait to use my compost to plant vegetables for the summer. VERY cool.

Time to Compost

When my friend Cyrus, who is employed by ICLEI, asked if he could share my blog, I asked him what environmental folks would get from my “get healthy” blog. He said that he was interested in how we, as sustainability professionals, actually live and that the definition of sustainability is broadening to include the issues I may be covering on my blog. Well, Cyrus, you were right…

Today, Traci called to tell me that Starbucks offered free used coffee grounds for customers to use in their compost bins. Once I got over the fact that she actually goes to Starbucks (she gets black coffee like a good nutritionist vs. the 800-calorie drinks), I asked her if she composted, and she said that she hopes to start soon. The timing of her call was so ironic as just this morning I was wondering if composting would solve a problem we’re having at our house – FRUIT FLIES!

I’ve had fruit flies before, but this time, it’s a much bigger problem. I’ve done all of the tricks listed on Google, but still have some. This morning, as I was about to toss my banana peel, I cringed at the thought of attracting more fruit flies to the garbage can. Then came the AHA moment – I wondered if composting our fruit and vegetable peels would help!

The Cyrus connection is this: Before I started getting healthy at Doctors Wellness Center and working with nutritionist extraordinaire, Traci, I didn’t have to worry about fruit flies as we had very little fruit and vegetables; most everything I ate was processed or fast food!

Pretty neat, I think…I will be exploring the possibility of composting this weekend with Sister.