Easter Splurges

I’m so glad that the two Easter candies I treated myself to this year made the “best” list!

Yep, I allowed myself one Cadbury egg and two yellow Peeps chicks over the last two weeks. I ate them, really enjoyed them – especially the egg- and moved on, just like Traci says.

Funny how allowing and planning for ooccasional splurges prevents binges and an “I’ll start over tomorrow” mindset. (Why did it take me 44 years to learn this?)


Eating on the Road

In February, I’m traveling to Kansas City, Missouri, and I’m already trying to think ahead. You’d think you could eat well just about anywhere, but as Talia Fuhrman found out in Vegas, it’s not as easy as you think.

I’ve only traveled twice since I’ve been eating better, once to an ICLEI conference in Washington, DC and once to an APWA meeting in Kansas City. Traci helped me plan and think ahead for both trips, and that helped. In Washington, I walked to a local market and bought some things including natural peanut butter, whole wheat bread, fruit. Luckily, there were a lot of “treehuggers” at the event and the menu featured lots of healthier options, even some vegan ones. For Kansas City, I asked ahead of time about the menu, and brought some healthier foods to supplement what they had.

Because Kansas City was a more intimate setting – fewer people – it was a little more difficult, but only because I felt a little odd around about 15 people that I didn’t really know. I don’t think they even noticed, but for the one or two that did, they enjoyed hearing about my journey to eat healthier.

I’ve called a friend in KC, MO and found a new market within a few blocks of the hotel. I’ve planned an early arrival so I can go to the market before the meeting stars, and I’ve asked ahead for the menu. I’ll also pack a few things for the flight out.

It’s not easy eating healthier while traveling, and at times, I feel like I missed out by not getting the local favorites, like Kansas City BBQ. But as I approach the 40 lbs. lost mark, I’m really glad I went the extra mile!

Today’s Lesson

Bring lunch to work even if you are planning to eat outside of the office!

I had planned to go home during lunch to heat up some Taco Soup and straighten the kitchen, but now I’m on a roll here at work and don’t want to leave. But since I don’t have a lunch here, I have to go home.

Plans change. If I bring a lunch and don’t eat it, I can save it for the next day or take it home for dinner. But not having a lunch is not good. If I weren’t so motivated, it would be easier to run through a drive-thru. Traci the Nutritionist says it every week – planning is key!

Lesson learned.